We Will Recover 2017

We Will Recover 2017 is a diverse group of persons committed to battling the disease of addiction. We are committed to ending the stigma associated with addiction by spreading awareness in our community.

We are persons in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, addiction treatment providers, recovery advocates and SOLUTION MINDED persons who BELIEVE that if " WE can save one person, then we can save ONE FAMILY and maybe WE WILL SAVE OUR COMMUNITY".

ABOVE: Paul Moreau, Lead Residential counselor at Twin Lakes Center addresses a crowd of nearly 800 during We Will Recover 2017's second event at Somerset Area High School.
RIGHT, Kendra D, a featured speaker at We Will Recover in the Valley, poses with her customized WWR2017 T-shirt.
LEFT: Brooke McKenzie, Executive Director of Twin Lakes Center proudly displays her WWR2017 bracelet.
Members of WWR2017 meet with Pennsylvania State Representative Carl Walker-Metzgar about Gov. Wolfs proposal of Merging DDAP with other agencies.
Carmen Capozzi, Founder and CEO of Sage's, holds a picture of his son, Sage Capozzi as he speaks to a crowd of hundreds at the save DDAP Rally

Helping People is our mission

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