• We Are Perons in Long Term Recovery
  • We are Treatment Providers
  • We are Recovery Advocates
  • We are community Organizers
  • We are the Voice of those Lost

We Will Recover 2017

Is a diverse group of men and women who are committed to battling the heroin epidemic in our communities. We are solution minded people who are either in RECOVERY, addiction specialists, local officials, treatment providers, law enforcement officers and community members spreading awareness, advocating for persons in recovery and determined to end the stigma attached to addiction. We can, We do and We Will Recover!


   We Will Recover 2017 has been working in collaboration with Twin Lakes Center, Somerset Hospital, The Pennsylvainia Attorney General's Office, Law Enforcement, Teachers, Parents and clergy members within our community to HELP people find treatment, rebuild their lives and ultimately live in Recovery from addiction.

   Our mission is to erase any STIGMA attatched to addiction. We believe that if we work together with every aspcect of society, we can begin to heal as a community. Our efforts include spreading awareness in schools, advocating to lawmakers, seeking treatment for those in need, training all persons with Naloxone and forming family support groups. 

   Although addiction is faceless, the men and women affected by it are not. We are people who were put here to help others. If you know someone who is struggling with addiction, please contact us and we will help you. If your loved one is struggling and you are in need of support yourself, you are not alone and we encourage you to join our family groups in Johnstown, Somerset or Meyersdale. Our friends at Sages Army have groups in Westmoreland County as well. We Will Recover 2017 is always looking for support and volunteers, If you wish to get involved or need help please click on the CONTACT tab located above and submit your contact information and WE WILL respond promptly.

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